Rena de Santa Fe - Native American Portrait Artist

Happy 400th, Santa Fe!

We don't look a day over 350! As is often true of historical places, many of our standing buildings were, in fact, constructed on top of the ruins of an older society.  Aside from the historical evidence, you can also feel it. You just can. Over the years I have often stood in front of an old building and could almost see the souls from years ago, still going about their business, sensing both Indian and Spanish daily life- early Spanish structures built upon the ruins of earlier Indian structures, and theirs upon another. Our history is considerably more controversial than the Chamber of Commerce and city fathers would have one believe. However, the horrors of the past cannot be undone, and they have, in fact, borne a combined magnificence of cultural  marriage. The sons and daughters of old Santa Fe are beautiful , rich in faith, and secure in culture.