Rena de Santa Fe - Native American Portrait Artist

What happened to July & August?

I missed all opportunities to catch up in July. No excuses. Just did. Pretty unprofessional, que no? August, on the other hand, has been productive on many levels. We've just returned from a lovely-no-INCREDIBLE trip to Australia. This is our second and last trip there. One trip is not enough, as the country is so diverse and there is so much to see. Uluru (Ayres Rock) will be burned into my consciousness for many years to come; riding a camel, too. Such a joyful, enriching, wonderful trip! Australia is a gorgeous place, and the people are the happiest I've ever seen. They are a fast-moving, fast-thinking, humorous, healthy populous. I love the Aussies! We tried to spend some time learning more about the Aboriginal people, and had some fair exposure to their culture and art. They are mysterious and interesting, and seem to live on a different astral plane somehow. We are moved to read more about them in the near future.

Now, back to the studio and getting ready for the November art show in El dorado. Gosh, it's coming fast, and it's all quite exciting. Hope we have a good turn-out. I must finish off the angels and Christmas decorations and get a few paintings in as well. Winter themes will dominate in paintings, as I hope people will want these small, reasonably priced paintings as gifts.