Rena de Santa Fe - Native American Portrait Artist

Where Have You Been!?

I am embarrassed at having been so inattentive of my blog duties. All three readers must be thoroughly disgusted with me by now. Be that as it may, I have been very busy with my new line of Native American figurines (see my "affordable art" page). Pleased with the finished 3 pieces, I will make two more each year to grow the collection, and will retire original molds to ensure collectability of the set as it grows. Each figurine will be numbered. I have always felt some sadness about all the folks who would like to have original art, but can't afford the exorbitant prices. Part of the reason for high retail prices is the high overhead of the gallery or shop; they really haven't much choice. This is why I have decided not to show in the retail market, and to offer my work from my website. Too, I hate to shop! I'd much rather look for specific things on the Internet. Perhaps there are those who share my feelings about shopping. If someone wants to buy a gift that can be purchased nowhere else on the planet, they should come to my website.

Hope you like the figurines, Juana, Carlitos and Ms. Manyskirts.